We sell  - MAC Make up, Jeval and Brocato Hair Products


MAC Make Up

MAC make up  

Most M·A·C products are oil free. Some M·A·C products do contain natural oils which function as emollients (for example: orange oil, jojoba oil). These oils provide benefits for the skin such as prevention of water loss.

  • MAC Lipstick…………$20.00
  • MAC Lipgloss………..$20.00
  • MAC Eyeshadow…….$20.00
  • MAC Eyebrow Pencil..$15.00
  • MAC Mascara………..$20.00
  • MAC Foundation…….$35.00


Jeval Hair Products

JEVAL, shampoo conditioner treatments infusion range contains Moroccan oil, hemp seed oil both rich in omega 6, anti oxidant and vitamin E to repair, strengthen and give long lasting shine and softness to all hair types with no sulphate or paraben.


473ml Prices…

  • Moisture Shampoo         $26.00
  • Moisture Conditioner      $26.00
  • Argan Oil Hemp Seed
  •                       Shampoo     $26.00
  • Argan Oil Hemp Seed
  •                   Conditioner      $26.00
  • Jeval Mini Infusion
  •                      Treatment      $26.00
  • Care Conditioner              $26.00
  • Colour Care  Shampoo   $26.00
  • Blonding Conditioner       $26.00
  • Blonding Shampoo          $26.00

JEVAL colours have less than 1% ammonia and thanks to its high protein content/ the vitamin d/ panthenol b5 liposome/protects the hair fibre and strengthens the hair elasticity while nourishing and conditioning the hair during the colouring process.

There are more than 6 vegetable liposomes in the Jeval Italian hair colour formula.

Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner




Brocato Hair Products

Brocato Hair Products

  • 300ml Swell Volume
  •                             Shampoo     $25.95
  • 250ml Swell Volume
  •                        Conditioner      $20.95
  • 300ml Colour Care
  •                            Shampoo     $20.95
  • 250ml Colour Care
  •                       Conditioner      $20.95
  • 300ml Peppermint
  •                           Shampoo     $20.60
  • Brocato Hair
  •                                  Spray     $25.00

Sam Brocato feels that hair design is a personal signature and is something passed along from educator to stylist to consumer.

In an industry inundated with countless claims of turning ugly ducklings into swans, only to leave the consumer flat once they leave the salon – master stylist, Sam Brocato, believes that knowledge is the key to everyday beauty.

With this philosophy in mind, Sam created a line of products and an education series that form the groundwork for outstanding personal style.


“Hair truly can be emblematic of who we are – it is a representation of our personality and our life”, says Sam. “When a stylist can bring this out, it creates an instant connection with the client.”

Brocato is instilled with Sam’s knowledge about the needs of hairstylists and clients alike, and passion for creative design and product performance.

Brocato brings a down-home approach to beauty.